Adjustments, transfers, and Allocations

COST ADJUSTMENT:  A Cost Adjustment is done to move a transaction charged to the wrong Banner account code to a different account code within the same index, or to move a transaction to the correct index. Departments will use the Banner Journal Voucher form (FGAJVCQ) and Banner Rule Class Code JE2 for these entries.  The original Index and Account Code, the original Banner document number and transaction date, and the reason for the adjustment must appear in the Document Text field of the Journal Voucher form.  Also, if the purpose of the transaction is unclear, the central accounting office may disapprove the entry and ask for additional documentation.  Cost adjustments for transactions from prior fiscal years will not be allowed in the current fiscal year.  All transactions should be reviewed timely, and corrected in the appropriate fiscal year.  However, you may be able to submit an allocation or transfer entry to move funds between indexes in these situations.  For additional information on correcting prior year transactions, click here.

BUDGET ADJUSTMENT:  There are two types of Budget Adjustments that departments may enter.  The first type involves moving part or all of one expense budget line item (such as office supplies) to another expense budget line item (such as computer supplies) within the same Index (revenue budgets may also be moved between revenue budget line items within the same Index). All Budget Adjustments route to the Main Campus Budget Office or HSC Budget Office for approval.Use FGAJVCQ and Rule Class Code BD4.

The second type of budget adjustment is described below under “Allocation.”

NOTE:  Generally, only the administrative offices of Schools, Colleges, or very large departments will use the following transaction types.

TRANSFER:   A Transfer moves revenue (also called the “source of funds”) between Banner Programs (i.e., I&G, Public Service, etc.; refer to the Program Hierarchy Report in E-Print) or between Campuses. Departments will key their transfer entries as JVs via Banner form FGAJVCQ, using appropriate transfer account codes within the range 1100 – 12T0.  However, the individual(s) that will be entering Transfers will first need to be granted the “Departmental Transferor” security role.  TheMain CampusBudget Office or HSC Budget Office will approve all Transfers, both budgeted amounts and actual dollar amounts.

             Exception 1 (Restricted Programs): Departments will not request transfers between Restricted Programs and any other Programs.  Transfers for Cost Share funding will be submitted by the Office of the VP for Research or HSC Financial Services Division.
             Exception 2 (Instruction and General Programs): Moving a “source of funds” between Programs P10 through P14 (I&G Programs) is an allocation, not a transfer.  Allocations are defined below.
             Exception 3 (Property Funds):  Moving a “source of funds” between Plant Fund groups is processed as a transfer.  The Plant Funds use four different Fund Groups and may transfer between groups without approval of the Budget Offices.
             Exception 4 (Agency Funds):  Moving a “source of funds” between an Agency Fund and a UNM fund should be done using actual Revenue and Expense account codes, depending on the situation, since Agency funds are from outside of UNM.

ALLOCATION:  An Allocation moves actual and budget revenue (also called “source of funds”) that does not cross Banner Programs (per Program Hierarchy Report in E-Print), except within P10 through P14 (Instruction and General or I&G Programs), and does not cross campuses.  The administrative office of schools, colleges, or very large departments will generally make allocations.  Use FGAJVCQ and Rule Class Code JE2 to move actual amounts.  The Main Campus Budget Office or the HSC Budget Office must approve the budgeting of allocations. Use FGAJVCQ and Rule Class Code BD4 to move the Budget.  Use account codes in the 16xx range for moving Actual and Budget. Please see the detailed rules for Allocation JVs for additional information.

Also, for additional assistance in determining if your proposed transaction should be an Allocation or a Transfer, a MyReports tool is available, which will allow you to enter the indexes for your proposed entry, and will tell you what type of entry you should process.  The report is named “FORITAH HSC Transfer Allocation” and can be located by accessing the “F HSC Reports” folder, which is under the “Finance” folder in MyReports.

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