Honorarium Payments

The University Business Policies and Procedures Manual, Policy # 2170 “Honorarium Payments" allows for UNM departments to make payments as described in the policy, via Chrome River Expense.

Unrestricted Accounting processing requirements are as follows:

  • Payment MUST be to an INDIVIDUAL person, not to a company, organization, association, etc.;
  • Payment MAY NOT be made to a UNM employee;
  • Payment must be to a person of special achievement or renown.
    • While this is somewhat subjective, some indication MUST be provided as to how this status fits the person being paid.
    • Please indicate “who” the person is (other than just a name), and some brief information about their qualifications/background.
  • Honorarium check should be requested ahead of the event, and presented to the individual at the time of the event.
    • Requests made after the fact may imply that the payment is in fact for services rendered, which is not appropriate for an honorarium.
  • While there is no standard backup documentation required, departments should attach any information they have that justifies that the payment is appropriate as an honorarium.
  • Payments that cannot be properly documented to show that an honorarium payment is appropriate, per the requirements of policy, should be processed via a Purchase Requisition.

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