Welcome to Unrestricted Accounting, Main!


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic reductions on campus, our Unrestricted Accounting - Main staff members are working remotely at this time.   We will continue to serve campus from 8am - 5pm Monday - Friday, but our staff members are not present in the office.  For fastest service, please email gacal@unm.edu.


Guidance for purchases of Supplies, Equipment and Furniture for Home Office use during the COVID-19 Pandemic can be found here.


University Leadership has ended Travel restrictions effective May 16, 2021 and restrictions on Food Purchases effective May 3, 2021.  Updated information can be found here.


Please check the UNM Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) website for the latest UNM updates, including current Travel Restrictions.



Unrestricted Accounting, Main is part of the Financial Services Division, and reports to the University Controller.  We are responsible for all University main campus and branch campus unrestricted indexes/funds/accounts.  We review all purchase requisitions, travel reimbursements and requests for Direct Payment submitted via Chrome River, payroll transactions, and journal entries charged to these unrestricted funding sources. We approve the transactions based on compliance with University policy.  We are also responsible for:

  • Monthly reconciliation of all University bank accounts
  • Accounting functions related to fixed assets and depreciation
  • Non-student Accounts Receivable
  • Internal Service Center rate review and approval

UNM Policies

Listed below are links to some of the UNM Policies often applicable to transactions processed through Unrestricted Accounting. 
To link to the UNM Policy Office website for a complete listing of UNM Policies, click here.

Section 2000; Administration:

Section 3000; Personnel:

Section 4000; Procurement:

Section 6000; Business Management:

Section 7000; Fiscal Management:

Chrome River

The Chrome River system is used to process Check Request-type (generally non-procurement) payments and reconcile P-Card transactions. Check the UNM Chrome River website for helpful information. Also see the Chrome River tab on our FAQs for information on processing payments.


UNM Taxation is part of the Unrestricted Accounting department. Functions include the monthly filing of the NM Governmental Gross Receipts Tax, the Unrelated Business Income Tax, as well as the review and reporting of all taxable non-employee payments to international students and visitors to UNM. 

Document Processing Goals

All payment requests and journal vouchers routed to Unrestricted Accounting – Main for review and approval are processed on a “first-in, first-out” basis, unless special approval for expedited handling has been requested and received. Please understand that we process thousands of requests every month, and yours will be processed as quickly as possible. Only in extraordinary circumstances will expedited handling be allowed.

To help ensure the quickest turnaround possible, please be certain that your transaction is thoroughly explained and documented (including a valid UNM business purpose), all appropriate backup documentation is included, and correct account codes are used. Failure to do so will cause delays in processing, and may require that the document be returned for correction.

Our goal is to review properly prepared requests in the time-frames noted below. Please be advised that requests received during times of heavy transaction activity, when staff are on vacation, and those requiring Taxation review may fall outside of these processing goals, due to the circumstances.

Will be reviewed by accounting staff within three (3) business days after arriving in Unrestricted Accounting – Main approval queue Z128.

JVs that are in queue Z128 by the FSM month-end deadline (typically 5:00 pm on the last business day of the month) will be reviewed prior to the final month-end close at 5:00 pm on the second business day of the following month.

Will be reviewed by accounting staff within three (3) business days after arriving in the Unrestricted Accounting – Main approval queue in LoboMart.  PRs do not route to our queue until all necessary departmental approvals have been completed.

If any additional documentation requested is not received within 5 business days of UA staff’s original request, the Purchase Requisition will be disapproved in LoboMart, and will have to be resubmitted.

PR assignments among UA staff can be viewed here:  http://ua.unm.edu/Contact Us/staff.html.

Will be reviewed by Unrestricted Accounting – Main staff within three (3) business days after the request routes to the Unrestricted Accounting – Main approval queue.  If any additional information requested is not received within five (5) business days of the original request, the request will be returned to the initiator.  As a courtesy, two (2) days following the original request for information, a reminder request will be made, if the information has still not been received at that time.

Will be reviewed by Unrestricted Accounting – Main staff within one (1) business day after being submitted via the online form.

These and other Payroll related documents requiring our review will be reviewed by Unrestricted Accounting – Main staff within one (1) business day after being received in our office. 

Will be reviewed by Unrestricted Accounting – Main staff within one (1) business day after being received in our office.