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Banner Messages

When a Journal Voucher is disapproved in Banner, a message detailing the reason for the disapproval is sent to the initiator of the JV, as well as to anyone who had previously approved it.

These messages can be accessed via the “General Menu Form” GUAGMNU.  This is the screen that appears when first logging into Banner.  You may also navigate directly to this screen via Direct Access, or by clicking the “X” icon on the toolbar until you arrive back at this screen.  In the “My Links” section on the right hand side of the screen, there is a link “Check Banner Messages”.  If there is a green checkmark next to this link, this is an indication that you have new messages.  Click on the link to view the messages.

It is imperative that these messages are viewed on a timely basis, to ensure that appropriate action is taken.  To view the entire message, be sure to click on the “Pencil” icon to the right of the Message line.  After viewing the message, click the “Complete” indicator, and Save.  This will remove the message from your pending messages list.

Also, you may view all messages that have been sent regarding any specific document.  At the General Menu Form (GUAGMNU) type “GUAMESG” and press Enter.  At the screen, press F7 to enter query mode.  Type your document number in the “Item” field, and press F8 to execute the query.  The query will return all, if any, messages that have been sent for that document.