Petty Cash General Information



The Petty Cash reimbursement process is only available to those departments that have received advance approval for, and have previously obtained an actual Petty Cash fund.  Petty Cash funds are only allowed in certain, limited situations (ex - a change bank needed to operate a retail cash register drawer, etc).  The majority of UNM departments are able to operate without a Petty Cash fund, and instead use alternatives such as PCard, reimbursements in Chrome River or Requisitions/Purchase Orders for their purchases.


Petty Cash forms are like cash, and misuse can cause financial loss for your department and the University.  For your safety, Unrestricted Accounting – Main requires the following when processing Petty Cash:

  • Petty Cash reimbursements MUST be hand-delivered to Unrestricted Accounting – Main; it is not safe to send these through campus mail.
  • Petty Cash reimbursements MAY NOT be left in Unrestricted Accounting – Main.  We ask that you arrange for the person delivering the form(s) to wait while it is reviewed and approved.  We do not have secure storage to hold these approved forms.

The Cashier's office is located in the first floor lobby of the UNM Business Center.  It is open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday.  Unrestricted Accounting - Main will review Petty Cash reimbursement by appointment only.

Accessing the Petty Cash reimbursement form requires logging in with your Net ID and password.  We recommend that you complete and print out your reimbursement requests online only as needed.  It is not a good idea to print out blank forms and have these accessible for possible misuse.

Click here to login and access the Petty Cash form.