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UNM Employees Traveling Abroad

When traveling outside the United States, UNM employees (and students), and their departments, must be aware of any travel restrictions, visa requirements, etc.

A visa is often not required, depending on the destination country and the amount of time to be spent in the country.  Travelers should be aware of these requirements, and understand that UNM will not pay for the cost of a visa if it is not required based on the specifics of the travel.  UNM will also not pay for the cost of a traveler’s passport.  The U.S. Department of State website contains detailed information on the visa requirements, and any travel restrictions or warnings that may currently be in place: requesting that UNM pay for, or reimburse, the costs associated with obtaining a visa, documentation showing that this is required must be included with the Travel Report in Chrome River, or other payment request.

The visa requirements referenced at the link above apply to U.S. citizens.  If the individual(s) traveling are not U.S. citizens, they are responsible for determining the requirements that apply to them.  When seeking reimbursement for costs associated with obtaining a visa for traveling to a particular country, these travelers must provide documentation showing that this is a requirement for the specific case.

The UNM Travel Policy 4030 also addresses international travel:

Section 4.2 addresses prior approval:

“Travelers on international business should receive the prior approval of their dean, director, department head, PI, or designate. In the case of travel by a dean, director, department head, or PI, the approval must be made by the person who is in a position of authority over the traveler.  Where the traveler has continuing business overseas, such approval may cover multiple trips.  Traveling on restricted contract and grant funding may require prior written approval for each international trip from the sponsoring agency.”

Section 5 addresses compliance with Export Control laws and regulations:

“Travelers are required to comply with all export control laws and regulations.  Information about how these laws and regulations affect travel, especially international travel, is available on the Vice President for Research's export control website.”