Insurance Coverage While Traveling

Any questions regarding insurance coverage that is or is not provided by UNM while traveling on UNM business should be directed to the UNM Risk Services Department.  

Per the Group Accident Insurance Policy Summary on the Risk Services website, UNM employees (staff, faculty and student) are covered by Workers' Compensation for any injury that occurs while performing duties within the scope of the employee's job at UNM.  Non-employees (i.e. students) are not covered for the cost of medical bills that may be incurred by participating in a UNM-sponsored field trip.  Risk Services does offer separate coverage for non-employees participating in and traveling to and from UNM sponsored/supervised field trips. This insurance should be purchased for all students and other non-employees, and can be paid for with University funds.  See Policy 2710 Study-Abroad Health and Safety, section 4.1, for additional information. 

Although Risk Services also offers International Travel Insurance coverage to take over where your regular hospitalization and medical plan might not provide coverage (foreign countries), this is an optional personal expense, just as your normal health coverage is, and can therefore not be paid for out of UNM funds.