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Guidelines for PCard Cash Advance

For Main Campus departments, and Branches, the need for cash while traveling is facilitated via the PCard Cash Advance option, in cases where there is an appropriate need to obtain cash while traveling.  This applies to travel being funded by unrestricted funds.  If your travel is being funded by a contract or grant, contact the Contract and Grant Accounting office for the proper procedure. 

Listed below are the requirements and expectations for obtaining cash, and accounting for cash expenditures.

  • Cash may only be obtained to make payments if that is the only acceptable means of payment.
    • Common Examples:
      • Meal money (per diem) to be distributed to student-athletes, or other students traveling on behalf of UNM.
      • Meal per diem for staff or faculty on extended travel, defined as GREATER THAN seven (7) days.
        • Employees MAY NOT charge their individual, personal meals directly on their PCard.
      • Expenses for which cash is the only acceptable or possible method of payment.
        • Such as expenses associated with travel to remote areas when PCard usage is not practical or possible.
        • Travelers should be prepared to provide documentation of cash being the only method of payment.
          • PCard should be used to pay directly for expenses whenever possible.
            • With the exception of personal meals, as noted above.
  • The PCard holder is responsible for obtaining a receipt, or other documentation, to support all cash purchases.
    • In the case of meal money (per diem) distributed to student-athletes or others students, all individuals must sign a “meal money log”, documenting the amount they received.  This form is located at Meal Money Log
  • Care should be taken to ensure that only the necessary cash be obtained.  Any unspent cash must be deposited on a Money List immediately upon return from travel.
    • Deposit to the “default” PCard index, and account code 07ZZ.
    • Immediately process a JV to move the deposit to the expense account code to which the expense was charged, or is to be charged.
    • Include a copy of the Money List with the PCard Reconciliation in Chrome River.

Contact the PCard Department ( for information on how to obtain the PCard Cash Advance option, or visit