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Checklist for Travelers

Receiving a prompt travel reimbursement is dependent on the traveler providing complete, accurate documentation of the trip, in a timely fashion.  The following checklist will assist the traveler in knowing what information to collect and provide.

Receipts for all allowable expenditures being claimed for reimbursement must be provided.  Receipts may be emailed directly into the traveler’s Chrome River account, or scanned and uploaded.

  • Airline ticket receipt and itinerary (printout of on-line receipt is allowable if form of payment is indicated). 
    • It is preferable that airline tickets are paid for via PCard.
    • Premium seating, early boarding and other similar charges are not generally allowable.
      • Use care to ensure these options are not selected, unless specifically allowed by policy for the specific stituation.
    • If not flying direct to business destination, provide 3 lowest quotes for business travel dates from a site such as Expedia or Travelocity to document what the cost of a direct flight would have been.
      • Allowable amount is lower of actual flight, or lowest quote.
  • Itemized hotel receipt, indicating payment in full has been made.  Include explanations for any other occupants of the room.
    • It is preferable that hotel charges are paid for via PCard.
    • Reimbursement allowed for Room and Tax charges ONLY.
    • Unallowable item examples:
      • Room service (claim via per diem)
      • In-room movies
      • Bar charges
    • Internet charges allowable with documented business need
  • Receipts for ground transportation and/or parking, tolls, etc.
  • Rental car receipt and related fuel receipts.  Explanation should be included if UNM contracted vendors are not being used. 
    • It is preferable that rental car charges are paid for via PCard.
    • DO NOT pre-pay for fuel with rental company; fill vehicle before returning it.
    • GPS only allowable with documentation of PRE-APPROVAL by department head.
  • Conference/event registration fee receipt. 
    • It is preferable that registration fees are paid for via PCard.
    • If paid for out-of-pocket, method of personal payment should be noted. 
    • Include a copy of the conference brochure so that included meals can be verified, etc.
  • Any other necessary business expenses incurred during trip.  Fully explain the business need for these expenses.

When driving:

  • When traveling out of state, if driving due to personal preference, provide documentation of what cost to fly would have been.
    • 3 lowest airfare quotes for business travel dates from a site such as Expedia or Travelocity.
    • Provide quotes for cost of appropriate ground transportation.
    • Allowable amount is lower of mileage or total cost of air travel.
  • If nature of trip required travel by vehicle, provide adequate explanation. 
  • Miles claimed may not include personal travel or commuting. 
  • Any mileage claimed in excess of the mileage to the destination per Google Maps must be explained.

Please refer to UNM Travel Policy 4030 for complete information.